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Comments (22)

A hand-painted portrait of Luis riding a white steed.

Hmmm, I hope not... 0_0

inb4 you get account will be deleted in 24 hours. Accomplish

oops delete the last one
inb4 you get Your account will be deleted in 24 hours. Accomplish something.

0_0 0_0

Pics of Tom Fulp naked.

These pictures we will definitely be in the content of the box.

Hmmm, normally I would say a letter bomb, but maybe on occasion of Pico day, my money would be on a leftover dildo from Stamper :P

Oh no, it could really hold the dildo of Stamper, would be a tragedy :P

a book on game design?

Likely, it would be interesting :)

a book on game design?


You won! ;)

Argh, I missed them... again! Let's see, you'll probably find one of VicariousE's hats. Other than that I have no idea! Looking forward to finding out.

I am sorry that you have not been able to buy a mystery box, we'll see if you guessed it!

Congrats btw. :)

Thanks :D

tom's penis

This will be very unlikely...

a month of free brazzers video?

This can not miss, there will surely be in the box ;)

snow snow for lucy dvd's

I hope so, I like that DVD.

You will open it, and inside find a headcrab. De-beaked of course, wouldn't want your precious humanity getting torn to shit.


Deity wooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Yessssssssssssssssssssssss! :D

A big glass of nothing. :D

I hope not :P

A copper pipe fitting? Poker chip?
...a hat?

Maybe it could contain these objects, who knows, we'll see when the box arrives ;)

Whaaaa? You ordered it over 2 weeks ago! Man dey lazy
Had I known that, I wouldn't have said shit |:
Oh well, I know a few other things (that COULD be in that box), that you still don't know about >:)
You have a new game in the pipeline yet? I'm writing the text and action for 3 games, but I'll have two unproduced scripts left over... would you be interested in reading either of them?

The box has arrived this morning, what a coincidence, I will write the content in the forum later, for the moment I stopped with the games, I have the whole story of the prequel of MOON in the head but I do not want to work on it at the time, if you have any history send me a PM, Im interested in reading it. :D

Congrats on the deity whistle and the goods,I can't wait to play your next game (I expect it to be more awesome than usual due to the flash mindheld book),also,MindChamber was right :).

True, Mindchamber was right, thanks! :D

So you're locked, cocked and ready to rock some new code? Perhaps a Robotday related game?

Hi VicariousE, unfortunately at the moment I'm stuck with the games, I have so many ideas in my head for the games, but in this time I just can not put me to work on Flash, so nothing for the Robot day, maybe I'll do a bit of art, however after the summer I think I re-start to make games, thanks for your interest!

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