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After the game "MOON" what now?

2013-01-11 14:26:39 by EventHorizon

First of all I want to thank the people who have played my new game called MOON , the Newgrounds Staff for putting the game on the front page and all the users who have written reviews!

The game has been a great success so there will probably be a PREQURL and perhaps a second chapter, but it is not a sure thing!
Before the prequel I will make a new artistic game, this time a little sadder, will have themes such as revenge, sadness and anger told through the life of a cop, I do not add more, Stay tuned!

After the game "MOON" what now?


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2013-01-11 16:40:09

Perhaps voice narration?

EventHorizon responds:

This might be an idea, I had not thought, Hmmmm...


2013-01-11 17:37:23

a faster move speed and less clocks clock sounds like cock only gays like cocks thus no clocks
oh and maybe REAL horror next time like exmortis level this was somthing that would only scare my baby cousin

EventHorizon responds:

The movement is fine, no one can runs on the moon, at most can jump, that's why I made the slow movement!


2013-01-11 17:44:19

My opinion is that voice narration would be too modern for a 8-bit game like MOON.

Oh also Event, I have some things in mind for the sequel. I'll send you it later.

EventHorizon responds:

Yes, you're right, the narrator's voice is too modern for an 8-bit game, however, I'm going to read the PM


2013-01-11 18:21:57

oh hey i'll give you some tips on improving your game

1. the player character moves way too fast. to achieve artistic depth and meaning, he may only move one pixel horizontally per minute.

2. we need a lot more medals for pointless crap. you need to award us medals for pressing the wrong buttons, and for right clicking, and for starting the game up. this will drive players to complete your game and is absolutely necessary, and i couldn't help but notice the huge lack of achievements in yours.

3. make sure your story makes no sense at all, because this will make the player think that what he's playing is some critically acclaimed "indie" "art" "experience." to truly succeed, you will need to really make your story the narrative equivalent of a fresh steaming horse turd. in your game, i realized that your story made way too much sense. please fix this issue in the future.

4. use the bare minimum for animation. the player sprite has two frames of animation here, and that is one too many. my brain cannot handle all the movement in your game, tone it down. the same "bare minimum" requirement goes for art. you are using too many pixels, man! true art games use less, so the main character is only composed of, like, maybe ten pixels total. i mean, this should be a no-brainer.

5. use only terrible music tracks that are just notes being played backwards for the soundtrack. it enhances the mood of your game and the tracks' "disorienting" qualities work wonders on your audience.

6. remember: sequels are always a great idea if you want to maintain the integrity of your original art game.

now make me proud

EventHorizon responds:

Ok, I really appreciate the advices you gave me, these tips will help me for my next games!


2013-01-11 22:24:03

Stellapropella honestly raised a lot of good points in his comment... and I feel seriously compelled to add on to what he said.

I'm generally a fan of art games, but MOON doesn't keep my interest because it suffers from almost every low-effort 'art game' stereotype that exists. That's not to say you didn't put effort into making MOON, because I'm sure you did, but it can barely be classified as a game from a gameplay perspective. Some "art games" use simple controls and extremely linear plot progression as a way to make a point about something, but in MOON, it feels like the minimalist controls were only there because that's all you knew how to do. At the very least, I'm sure you know how to make the characters move a little faster. Slow controls are universally aggravating because they feel unresponsive and are not conducive to any human being's inherent appreciation for easy navigability. And maybe I'm wrong, but the way you say, "I'm gonna make another artistic game, it'll be sad and stuff. STAY TUNED!" and "Gee, my game was successful, so maybe I should make a sequel to it!" leads me to believe that you don't share as deep a personal emotional connection with your games as you're hoping to convey, and they're mostly just a cookie-cutter interpretation of what you think constitutes as 'weird and depressing, therefore good'. Real art games aren't called "art" games because they're easy ways of appealing to a wide audience, but because every aspect of their design is meant to act as a window into the most passionate recesses of the creators' minds... or, at least, something roughly as dramatic-sounding as that.

Sorry to be 'that guy'. Constructive criticism is just an important thing.

EventHorizon responds:

Don't worry, I always accept constructive criticism, however thanks for giving me more advice!


2013-01-12 03:34:18

I would really abandon this project and do soemthing completely different. While your artwork is alright, you just spoiled it with these senseless scenarios(i.e. I hanged myself through the SPACE HELMET). For me, many of these decisions made it more of a hilarious experience rather than anything else.

EventHorizon responds:

I understand..., I'll see if abandon the project or do something really different...


2013-01-12 03:59:18

Your game was alright.

It was very similar to your past entries, so frankly, I don't think you've made much improvement in the span of them. There needs to be more variety. Going left, then right, then left again, at the most mind numbing pace ever, is not a good game design. The controls are also clunky, which is odd considering how simple they are.

Naturally, I have my left hand on the arrow keys, and my right hand on the mouse to go through dialogue, but then I have to make an awkward transition to tap the space bar for action sequences, and vice versa when I have to wade through dialogue.

Please reconsider changing the key-mapping so it feels more natural. Having to cross my hands in order to play your game is evidence that you've done something wrong.

The plot line made little sense, and that's fine if it's executed properly, but in all 5 or so minutes of game play, you didn't really give yourself enough time to bring up a decent story. There needs to be more depth. It felt like it was rushed.

The ambiance was kind of there, in the music and imagery, but even then, I think you should put more thought and emotion into the imagery next time, in conjunction with a more fleshed out story.

Another really big problem was the dialogue. I can tell that English isn't your native language, and it lead to the dialogue being more comical than scary. I suggest finding someone to help you refine that aspect of your projects.

Also, sometimes having no dialogue is better than having any at all. I found the ambiance ruined by totally unnecessary soliloquies which stated the obvious.

You have potential to make a really cool, surreal type game, so I really suggest bringing more people on board to help you with story/dialogue development to bring it where it should be.

EventHorizon responds:

You guessed it, unfortunately english is not my mother tongue, I tried in every way to make sentences in English in the game without error, but unfortunately it was not like that, however without a dialogue the game would not make sense so I have to force put a dialogue even with some error, however thanks for the advice!


2013-01-12 10:43:09

Damewood, I am trying to help Event with the story for the prequel and maybe a sequel.


2013-01-12 11:12:00


The logic in your comment was really bad. A space helmet doesnt actually fully cover your throat, and if you make the rope actually narrow enough, it is possible to hang yourself.

PS : Who knows if he actually disabled the oxygen?

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks for the support! ;)


2013-01-12 12:53:32

i personally liked it though just too slow paced and no scary parts

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks for your opinion!


2013-01-12 16:28:18

I thought your game was pretty good actually. A few stiff writing parts, but a good game none the less. However, one thing I don't understand: What does the Secret Room have to do with the overall plot? I was expecting the Grand Secret to tell me what was really going on, but it didn't... So I'm still confused as to whether whole game was in his head or if it was an old astronaut haunting him and driving him mad...

EventHorizon responds:

I added the secret room only for people who like to collect difficult medals , I understand that there is not much there, the end of the game you have to understand it well, here is how it ends really: In the end John is possessed by the astronaut covered in blood, if you look good John starts to bleed and will soon become as the presence, John also says the phrase ""...What do you see in the reflection of the mirror...?", this sentence is the same as saying the astronaut covered in blood, other things were all hallucinations also the part of self-destruction, these hallucinations were caused by the presence.


2013-01-12 17:17:23

I really liked your game.
It was very good, and the "Common Phrase" in it was:"What you see in the reflection of the mirror?", something very different, not like:"Can you feel the Sunshine?", this Sunshine thing is actually pretty dumb.... OMG THE SUNSHINE!
Ok, I'm ok, I'm not a zombie, phew, those alien helicopters where pretty damn tough, glad I used my distortion beam.
Well, ok, I will stop speaking nonsense.
The history is scary and something I hate is why Goddamit that bitch called John has to walk SO DAMN SLOWLY!
Well, I don't like it, but I kinda am saying that you should keep the Slow-Motion Walk, cause it lets the player anxious. And gives a bad pressage... something you need to have in a horror or terror game, something that gives you a feeling that you should look behind you and at your sides to make sure the monster fucking Slenderman isn't just fucking there.
Awesome, you should keep going like this.
SarcasticMonster, AWAY!

EventHorizon responds:

Ok, thanks for your opinion, I appreciate it!


2013-01-12 18:16:57


EventHorizon responds:

Nah, just the moon ;)


2013-01-12 22:10:14

if you bump up te horror level it may be worth playing i played exmortis 1-2 and a few other horror games that were pants shittingly scary this just bored me :/ good game though really smooth

EventHorizon responds:

Is true, this game is not very scary, I focused on trying to make the player a feeling of claustrophobia and anxiety told by an astronaut alone on the moon, exmortis made shit in my pants!


2013-01-15 10:13:07

For those who cannot get the story, I will NOT spoil anything, but the ending is this as Event said in a reply :

"In the end John is possessed by the astronaut covered in blood, if you look good John starts to bleed and will soon become as the presence, John also says the phrase ""...What do you see in the reflection of the mirror...?", this sentence is the same as saying the astronaut covered in blood, other things were all hallucinations also the part of self-destruction, these hallucinations were caused by the presence."

And yes, some people have been messaging me, about if I wrote the story for the prequel. Yes I did write the story of the prequel, not sure Event will use it competely, but he said he liked some of the parts.

On short :

"The hallucations were the astronaut starting to take over John's mind, and when his completely under control, the astronaut takes over John's body aswell, completely destroying John and capturing him both his mind and body."

As I said, I am not gonna spoil the prequel's story, play the sequel when it comes out if you want to see it. :)


2013-12-27 12:09:08

I loved MOON!! And can't wait for your new game :)
Keep up the good work!

Also sorry to bother you, but what is the tune that is played when you step out of the spaceship for the first time in MOON?? I really loved it.