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Too many games in mind...

2013-02-26 13:29:11 by EventHorizon

During this period I have become more lazy than usual, I have a lot of games in mind that I can create but little time to make them.
I do not know why I became so lazy, but if I continue so I will finish my games for next year (I do not want that happening though), however for the moment I'm working on a game about life, from birth to death, in which the heart beats representing the emotions, I do not know what will come out. (Below a small image of a scene from the game)

Many fans have asked me to do the prequel of MOON and I promised to do it so in fact I have the whole story in mind and it will be great, so if you have not played MOON here is the link:

For now this is all!

Too many games in mind...


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2013-02-26 13:35:48

Well, i will enjoy another game of you.

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks :D


2013-02-26 14:45:42

I do enjoy the things you create. Hit me up if you ever need a hand.

EventHorizon responds:

Thank you ForNoReason, I appreciate your help and your words! :D


2013-02-26 17:44:01

Your games are always very interesting. I like playing them, and I'm lookig forward to new ones. A while back I posted a small walktrhough for MOON in my news section, sharing the secret codes. Don't feel lazy because you don't finish as many games as you want lately. Everyone has a period that they have to evaluate their work, and view what they've done, how to improve, and what to do next. You'll become even better, and pick up your old rhythm again. If you need help with graphics or music, I'll be more than willing to lend a hand. Good luck with your projects.

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks for your words and for the help you offer me, I'll call you in case of need, thanks again!


2013-02-26 17:47:51

I have to say the same! Being scouted by you was so cool that I'm shocked you did! I'd help you in any way I can if you wanted.

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks, if I need help I send you a PM since you are also an pixel art artist ;)


2013-02-28 07:46:29

hmmm maybe mash them all into one big game that changes randomly

EventHorizon responds:

Would be an idea, but for now I keep on this road...