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I love you Newgrounds!!

2013-03-08 14:01:21 by EventHorizon

After today I'm motivated to continue with the creation of games, thanks Newgrounds you are the best site and thanks to all my fans and the people who support me!
(I covered the first 2 numbers)

I love you Newgrounds!!


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2013-03-08 14:18:31

Damn, nice. And that's ads?


2013-03-08 14:19:14

And that's just from the ads?*

EventHorizon responds:

Yes, this money come from ads on games, art and music.


2013-03-08 14:22:02

Whoa nice!

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks! :D


2013-03-08 14:50:51


I knew it.

EventHorizon responds:

Maybe yes, maybe no... ;)


2013-03-08 15:20:18

Is it 001.55?

EventHorizon responds:

Wrong, try again ;)


2013-03-08 15:28:30

Keep making more great stuff, I guess that you will use this money for good stuff, like an good Flash to make better games and other stuff! :3

EventHorizon responds:

Yes, this money will help me to create my next games, thanks for your support, I appreciate it! XD


2013-03-08 16:04:26

Keep making them games man!!

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks man, you are also a great game developer!


2013-03-08 16:47:41

Why you afraid of not showing the first 2 numbers?

EventHorizon responds:

I prefer not show the full amount :/


2013-03-08 16:51:54

@RalaiyX3 Maybe because they're very big? :o

EventHorizon responds:



2013-03-08 16:55:18

Aha ok. Nice mate.


2013-03-08 22:54:04

Still waiting for the Millions of internet dollars I'm owed...

Any day now...

EventHorizon responds:

One million dollars?, you're incredibly rich! :o


2013-03-09 00:12:57

admittedly until I reread this I thought your payment was 1.55, and this was a sarcastic post.

Good for you man

EventHorizon responds:

Might seem sarcastic because I covered the first two numbers, but these are not $1.55


2013-03-09 05:20:22

I always thought of putting ads in my flash, but...
I don't know if my fans would like that.

Oh and congrats, btw.

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks friend, however I advise you to put advertising in your flash, is a way to repay the work you've done in your flash, believe me! ;)


2013-03-09 05:53:57

oh hey i though it was 1.55 too lol
also you would get even more $$$ when you only wouldn't create pixel stuff
but that is like pretty much harder to do

(Updated ) EventHorizon responds:

I like the stuff in pixel art, for now I keep with this style, thanks for the tip!


2013-03-09 06:44:40

you know what is very motivating
having somone realse gaurd dogs apon you as you work

EventHorizon responds:

You're absolutely right ;)


2013-03-09 07:29:52

Good fer you, mate...

EventHorizon responds:



2013-03-09 09:06:43

Looks like it's actually possible to make money off this place. Nice! :D

EventHorizon responds:

Yes, it really possible, this is not my first payment, games, video, art and music make you earn, you also have excellent flash, I think you've earned at least $60 ;)


2013-03-09 09:32:19

You think? Hmm... currently I have... $2.39. :)

EventHorizon responds:

Ok, I was wrong, however continues to create flash, I like them and they are useful! XD


2013-03-09 13:34:29

Thanks, and I will, NG is about so much more than money. ;) Would've been nice if the revenue system existed back when I was most active though...

(Updated ) EventHorizon responds:

Is true, Ng is not just money, it is something of much more, now for me is like a second home ;)


2013-03-09 15:34:42

congrats, hopefully you will reinvest that money into bettering your coding, and make some games that are more than just movies with sliding characters. otherwise, then it is just about the money for you.

EventHorizon responds:

Hi MindChamber!, first of all thanks for having commented my post, with the money I've earned will be used to finance my next games, I have great ideas in mind that perhaps beyond my abilities, but I will do everything possible and this money will help me.
As you have seen in many of my games there are a lot of dialogue and I always use the Google translator so is difficult to make the sentences without error, but this does not make me give up and I try to correct the mistakes of the translator with my knowledge, with the game "MOON" I got really involved in its creation and I think I decreased the errors, so I do not do it just for the money, the money is only a push, the motivation that makes me continue to create games is the passion and the admiration for this site, because I put my games only on Newgrounds and not to other gaming sites, then I repeat that money is only a push!
Thanks again MindChamber, I really appreciate your opinion.


2013-03-09 20:09:55

also im willing to help translate some for you
my english isn't the worlds greatest but i do know words google translate doesn't
as google doesn't have words like yo dawg wazzup

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it, if I need help with some phrases to be translated I send you a PM.


2013-03-09 21:07:07

Thats super rad. Lets celebrate with tits and margaritas!
Wild guess, rate me based on hot, warm, cold, freezing, but my guess is that the first two numbers are a 4 and a 7

EventHorizon responds:

Maybe yes, maybe no... ;)


2013-03-10 00:15:20

You know, if you put your mindset to something, and pour your heart into a goal, you will achieve it, with rewards alongside with the achievement.

this is just the start ;)

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks for the support, I appreciate your words! :D :D


2013-03-10 07:46:18

by translation i mean you send me somthing like this
hey pirate does this some correct or not
and i would say somthing like yes and you are possbily insane

EventHorizon responds:

Yes, I understand what you mean ;)


2013-03-10 11:58:09

Is this earning from just 1 month? Is the first number more than a 1? If so I have to seriously consider switching to NG ads over Mochi :)

EventHorizon responds:

This is not the gain of a single month, but the total of several months, I tried the Mochi ads but from the first moment I have preferred the Newgrounds ads, is simple to use, easy to manage and it works fine, try changing once and choose which one you prefer :)


2013-03-10 13:43:42

rusty NG is possbly the best site to be sponsered by
they may not give out 80 grand like kong but they don't force you to shove premuim content down your gamers throats
shame matt rosak abandoned us for cash
complete shame there

EventHorizon responds:

I fully agree with you pirate9899, there are other sites that pay more than NG, but I do not work only for money and Newgrounds to me is just fine, I do not change to other sites!


2013-03-30 09:22:53

Are those two numbers zero?

EventHorizon responds:

Fortunately no